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Welcome to our Auto Estimate Review Tool. With this tool, our objective is very simple: to help you save money by being an expert, unbiased, second opinion. We’re going to do that by a few simple steps.

Fill out the Auto Estimate Review form
Submit the form and $10 payment
Get a timely response that can save you literally hundreds of dollars on your repairs!
How are we going to do this? On the submission form, you will let us know what you went to the repair shop for (transmission problem, check engine light, leaking coolant, etc), the basic information of your vehicle (year, make, model, engine size), and make sure to upload a clear picture of your estimate. We’ll review the repair estimate and help you be certain that you’re being charged the correct labor for the repairs indicated, make sure there aren’t needless additional repairs on your bill, and even help to make sure the diagnosis fits the repair.

Here’s one example of something I helped with recently:

I was given an estimate for review for a 2008 Jeep Patriot. The estimate from the shop was for a transmission flush, a transmission cooler bypass valve, 4 new tires, front brake pads, and an oil change. The labor being charged, and the labor rate, were very fair for all repairs. The parts, were a different story. The shop this customer went to, tried to charge them for a transmission dipstick, and the freight to have it delivered to the shop. On the estimate, the shop gave the shipping an actual part number so that it appeared like a legitimate charge. This customer had no idea this special tool, and the shipping charges for it, were on the bill. The total cost of the part and shipping was $215.00. By spending $10 to have our staff look over the estimate, they were able to save $205.00!

This is just one way that we can help you save hundreds of dollars on your repair bills. We’re here to be an unbiased, affordable, second opinion, that you can access from anywhere. This is for all repairs, and maintenance, that you receive an estimate for.

WARNING: Any safety items that are recommended, such as brake pads or a fuel leak, must be treated as exactly that: A SAFETY ITEM. If the repair shop tells you that your vehicle is unsafe to drive, then don’t drive it without having the repairs done.


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